First real day of uni

Say hello to what is in my bag this first day of school, I know you all were dying to know!
The banana pencil case is my mums but I "borrowed" it for my mission and I've just kept it since. So it almost feels like you are here with me today mum, just like first grade! Except that you're not a banana and we're not drawing and singing songs as our first lesson. Well, actually we might, I'm still on the bus towards school so I don't know for sure yet but somehow I doubt it.
Hold your thumbs (as we say in Sweden) I don't make too big a fool of myself today. 
Happy last day of summer folks!
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Officially en Stockholmare

From my study of people (also known as plain staring) today I've come to the conclusion that people here resent talking to each other just as much as in Jönköping. The busses and trains are just as easy to fall asleep on as people try to sit as far away from eachother as possible and you wont be disturbed. When someone from a small town thinks about the big city, especially el capital, the chance of meeting famous people usually come up in our minds. Or that might just be me but I'm half expecting to meet a famous person whenever I leave the house. Now, I did not see anyone famous but during lunch with Cissi and Madde we did see a a music video or something be recorded and I feel like that is close enough. Right? Storstadskänsla big time. 
Oh and another conclusion- SO MANY PEOPLE.  People e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Deary me. I don't think I'll ever get used to/not be bothered by Stockholm central during rush hour. Today I'm thankful that I live further out where there are less people so I can ease into this crazy but amazing life. 
Woke up with this outside my door this morning. Good way to start my first day in Stockholm! I've got the best roomie ever.
Somewhat proud that I didnt get lost once today on my way to school, in to Stockholm central and then back home. I feel like I earned some Stockholmare-points. Probably lost some though when it took me 10 minutes to find the right bus stop this morning but hey, that doesnt count as actually getting lost. I just had to cross the street like three times to understand what side of the road my bus would go from.
Now I'm officially registered as a student at Södertörn university studying Journalistik med samhällstudier inriktning religionsvetenskap (Journalism with studies of society focused on religious science, or something like that).
Pizza hut på plattan. Because we cool like dat. Everyone needs a day with these two on their first day anywhere.
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A message from the capital

I must say I've got a good feeling about this move. Hanging with Cissi every day? I think yes.
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