Launching internationally!

I've contemplated. I've debated. I've made pro and con lists. I've slept on it. I've made a decision.
The decision being that from now on this very big and lively blog of mine will be launching internationally and be written in English! (insert fanfare here) I'm shooting for the big bucks! I've really tried to respect my Swedish followers but the pressure from the international market is just too high. I'm sorry Sweden but you can't keep me to yourself anymore. Next stop: world domination and fame! 
(Or maybe it's the fact that the three english speaking friends of mine that I could imagine would want to know what I'm doing in life can understand what I'm writing. Just there I'm probably doubling my numbers!)
I do however claim the rights to change my mind in the future if I one day wake up and just can't be bothered with English. Or if I feel a sudden patriotic urge, then google translate is your best friend!
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