Trying to become the perfect student.

Get home from school, eat, change into pyjamas, study, study some more, eat, try to study but mostly just get annoyed with whatever I'm working on, talk about going to bed, have the nightly chat with Cissi for a lot longer than either of us should, then sleep. 
That's the past two evenings. Today I had my last class for this course so I've got a week of just studying, studying, studying until the exam next Wednesday. Nervous lady.
Now- SLEEP. One of the best things I know (was about to say the best thing but felt like that would be too sad) 
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The perfect Sunday

After wonderful meetings at church and saying goodbye to Emelie I ended a great weekend and a great Sunday in the best way possible: filled with snuggles with my favourite Betti. We had quite the quality session hanging out in her tipi in the living room and played most of the evening. Then when Queen B was in bed my sister and I had a good, long conversation about all things important. Love, equal rights, acceptance of others, choice, happiness, respect, politics, feminism, faith, family and so much more. So I'm feeling fired up, filled with this feeling of wanting to change the world. Make a difference. Make things better for people who suffer. I feel limited, so incredibly limited. I might not be able to change the world this week but I can work on myself. Keep reflecting on the person I am and work on becoming better. These kind of conversations are so important and should be had more often. Hurray for depth!
I think I might write a longer passage about this during the week. So many thoughts! This has been such a good end of one week and start of another. This is going to be a good week. I feel it. 
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You can call me miss fashionista

Got my new shoes on and feeling pretty fly. And warm. Warm and cosy.
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