Live from Stockholm

Another week has passed and I'm back here lying in my bed in Stockholm. I get home from school and the first thing I do is throw myself on my bed and just lie there staring at the ceiling thinking about how hungry and tired I am and how much I need to study during the evening. I have now stopped taking my daily naps which feels good but I miss them dearly. I love taking naps. My first two weeks in Stockholm I took a nap every day that would last between 40 minutes and 2,5 hours. I'd still sleep great at night. I think it was my brain trying to get used to the fact that I'm suppose to embrace adulthood now. Being an adult is exhausted. I then remember that I am such a child still and it suddenly feels better again. Anyways, no more naps for me. 
Here are a few pictures from this past week in Jönköping and Copenhagen. A busy but really good week!
These two <3
Just Josef wearing a monkey suit and looking/high fiving/having a moment of contemplation with himself in the mirror.
1. Copenhagen temple plus that tall guy known as Viktor.
2&3 Vår Frue Kirke
Lovely Copenhagen!
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#1 - - Johanna:

lovely! Låter skönt med nap... Kanske ska ta en nu. Inspirerande!! ;)