Morning has broken – in Pennsylvania

I sit myself down on the wooden steps that lead from the kitchen door out into the garden. It's almost eight o'clock and the sun is shining comfortably while I sit there eating my breakfast. The sun warm on my face. According to my phone it's already 21 deegres outside. I sit there in my black trousers and white long sleeved blouse, the same clothes I travelled in all day yesterday, just taking it all in. (Yes, my bag got lost. So it was either putting on the same sweaty clothes or going nude. The latter feeling slightly risky on my first day in the house with my new roomies)
There's a tiny rabbit at the far end of the garden. Within minutes there's another one that arrives just a meter to my right. I am slightly tempted to feed it and try to pet it, but only slightly. I gather they might be seen as vermin here, also rabbits have large nasty teeth. Another few minutes go by and I see a couple of birds I can't identify, one is a bright, bright red and hops across the grass. It hits me that I'm not in Sweden anymore. I'm very much not in Sweden and it's exciting and unknown. There's this nervous but exhilarating feeling in my gut which is shortly followed by a warm burning feeling on my face that reminds me of the sensitive skinned, pale scaninavian girl I really am. So I'll just spend this lovely morning inside waiting for my suitcase, enjoying the feeling I have in my stomach. The feeling of being at the beginning of a great memory. 
Random facts:
1. There are a lot of black bears around the area apparently. My goal is to see one this summer.
2. I just heard a churchbell (or something like it) ringing not far from here and it was playing "Kumbayah". Yes, it's exactly as idyllic and cute as it sounds.
3. I realized two things yesterday: One –  I still really don't love flying, well, the landing mostly. And two – my hands can sweat. Big time.
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