Heat, ants and trampolines

Just a small update from my past week in Ligonier:
1. Running here is just as painful as in Europe. And I dislike it just as much. Well, I love the getting out part, hate the burning in my chest and lungs part. I went running twice this week, both in the evening when it had cooled down a bit (from 29° to 27°). Both times were pretty enjoyable, most likely because I walked the more part of it. But still. 
2. We had an ant invasion in our kitchen after a thunderstorm the other night. I took care of it. I've never killed so many ants in my life and I kind of feel like I crossed a line I can never return from.
3. I have every Sunday off (so church tomorrow, yay!) but I other than that I am mostly with the kids all days. I've come to realise the greatness of picnics. Picnics on the trampoline, picnics under the trampoline, picnics on the living room floor, picnics on the living room floor in the fort we made. Next up is probably just having a normal picnic in a park somewhere, we'll see, I mean it's gone 6 days with the children so I'm bound to run out of fun ideas pretty soon.
4. Other than that things are pretty good. I play with the kids during the day, work out, read or watch Parks and Recreations (yay for US Netflix!) in the evening and then sleep for about nine hours per night. Yes, you heard me. Mixing heat, children and jet lag has been rough yet lovely. Oh and my roomates are nice and they don't seem to dislike me so I'd say it's a success all in all. Life is good and exciting! 
From underneath the trampoline the other day while pretending there was a storm raging outside and the only thing keeping us safe was the trampoline and four umbrellas. We stayed under there for almost three hours. It was pretty great.
Living room fort with enough room for them to wrestle in, important. – Me always running behind – Us just hanging out at the park with umbrellas. The umbrellas go everywhere we go for some weird reason. 
Blowing bubbles at least once a day is a must. When it is pooring down outside the porch works just fine. Oh, and porches in general are just loveable and cosy and I think I'm going to need one in the near future.
I haven't found any good tracks to run in the woods (läs elljusspår) (also not sure I'd dare as the only things I've heard about are black bears and rattle snakes) but so far there's a nice calm road that is surrounded by this. It's very green here in general and there a few mountains and just a ton of trees. It's gorgeous.
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