Hershey Park (Trip part 1)

 The first two days of my trip were spent at Hershey Park with Anna. We got there on the Thursday morning after an early three hour drive and after that we were just roller coasting it up! They have a water area with a bunch of great slides, play areas and a swimming pool. We spent some time there both mornings. The amusement park was pretty big but the amount of rides they had for that kind of area was pretty crazy. Our goal was too go on every single adult ride available on the firts day so that we could pick our favourites on the second day. We barely had time for all the 10+ rides on the first afternoon but it turned out to be very few and short lines both of the days so we had enough time to do our favourites several times.  
I learned 1. that amusement parks are just as much fun when you're an adult, if not more so because you are (finally) tall enough to go on everything and 2. You start feeling nauseous and slow in the brain after riding 10+ rides in one day (not counting the slides at the water park). It was great! I was reminded of how scared I can be of hights and rides but also how much I love it when I ignore those feelings.
We spent the one night at an Air bnb place not far from the park and on the afternoon of the second day Anna dropped me off in Harrisburg where I got on the bus to Washington DC.
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"Home" again

Being back in Pennsylvania has been pretty nice these past few days. Travelling like that is pretty exhausting so it's nice to get home to your bed and routines. Buuuut the trip was way beyond my expectations and so much fun!! I'll try to make time to write a post about it later this week. This whole summer will be something I'll remember for the rest of my life as a fun random adventure but especially because of these past two weeks of travelling, it's been amazing!!
So back to the every day life here this week with ten hour days with the kids. We drove out to a lake called Quemahoning, a gorgeous big lake surrounded by a ton of woods. It so green and just serene. It wasn't too hot today but a nice sunny day so we stayed there until it was time for A's nap. This afternoon we took the picnic blanket out in the garden and sat under the umbrellas for a while. But no it wasn't quite as serene as it sounds, I was hoping the kids would be tired from the morning adventures but there was still no sitting still for more than 30 seconds at a time. But hey, we had a nice time and I got a good leg workout done by playing airplanes and doing tricks in the air with them (I lie on my back and hoist them up on my feet in the air). 
If you look real close you can catch a glimpse of the mosquito bite I have on/in my eyebrow. Good stuff.
This evening, like most evenings, I got home and laid in bed for a bit until I dragged myself to the gym. I've been meeting with a personal trainer over the summer which has been really interesting and fun. And really really painful. The seven minute walk home afterwards has never been more painful than today, so yeah, that will be fun in the morning!
Life is good over here, I feel like I have a routine. It mostly consists of kids, excercise, Netflix, bed and then repeat. I don't have a bunch of free time to do things and even when I have time I'm too tired but my last couple of weeks more than compensated that! I'm also starting to get excited about getting back into life back home in Sweden in a few weeks but I plan to enjoy and make the most of the time I have! 
E loves to take pictures, so here's a candid one from yesterday when we had picnic in the park (we have at least one picnic per day, sometimes more) and I was trying to get A to forget why he didn't want to wear shoes.
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Let your life be a prelude to the festivals of eternity

I can't post about last week without writing about my grandmother. Wednesday last week my Finnish grandmother was buried back home in Jönköping. It was strange waking up Wednesday morning knowing they had already had the ceremony. She died in her sleep just a few days before I left for the states. As if by grand design I happened to be home for a few days to visit my parents and went to see her the evening before she passed not knowing the importance of that casual visit. Although it was unexpected her passing was peaceful and  the day was peaceful and full of love. We gathered as a family, feeling a stronger love and gratitude for eachother, the life she had lived and the lives she had made possible for us. I got to say my goodbyes then and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to be home with my family to say goodbye to my mommo even though I missed her burial. 

Mommo was and is one of the greatest examples I have of a strong fearless woman. She worked hard all of her life for her own sake but especially for her family. She inprinted on us the importance of education, hard work to get what we want and to not let people stand in our way but especially not to take anything for granted. To always remember the important things. She was firm but generous. Strong but caring. A boss lady indeed. 
When she heard about me travelling to the states this summer she thought it was a great idea, a fun adventure to enjoy. She encouraged me to keep a journal of my travels, to write everything down so I would remember these times for the rest of my life. So I could take the lessons I learn with me. Something I wish to do with all she has taught me.
Now she is free from pain and suffering and although the thought of her not being there when I go home is heart wrenching I firmly believe I will see her again. And until then I will be a part of her legacy, this beautiful legacy that she has created. The life I'm living is to a great extent possible because of choices she made and at times the incredibly hard life that she survived. I am because she never gave up. Because she never looked back but always forward. Until our reunion she sits in my back bone reminding me to stand tall, and in my heart telling me to take courage. 
Tills vi möts igen, mommo <3 
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