Hershey Park (Trip part 1)

 The first two days of my trip were spent at Hershey Park with Anna. We got there on the Thursday morning after an early three hour drive and after that we were just roller coasting it up! They have a water area with a bunch of great slides, play areas and a swimming pool. We spent some time there both mornings. The amusement park was pretty big but the amount of rides they had for that kind of area was pretty crazy. Our goal was too go on every single adult ride available on the firts day so that we could pick our favourites on the second day. We barely had time for all the 10+ rides on the first afternoon but it turned out to be very few and short lines both of the days so we had enough time to do our favourites several times.  
I learned 1. that amusement parks are just as much fun when you're an adult, if not more so because you are (finally) tall enough to go on everything and 2. You start feeling nauseous and slow in the brain after riding 10+ rides in one day (not counting the slides at the water park). It was great! I was reminded of how scared I can be of hights and rides but also how much I love it when I ignore those feelings.
We spent the one night at an Air bnb place not far from the park and on the afternoon of the second day Anna dropped me off in Harrisburg where I got on the bus to Washington DC.
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