A sponge sucking up knowledge

Last week I had my first exam and gave in the last assignment for that class (the reason for the silence here on the blog as I got into a fanatic study mode the week before the exam). I then had a few days off but started my new class this past Monday, subject: Islam! I am soooo excited for this class because there is so much for me to learn. It's a pretty new feeling for me to feel excited about learning things. On my mission I always loved studying and learning but I've never had this kind of excitement about school before. Though, when I think about it I did like learning new things if it was a subject I was interested in so maybe it's not so crazy after all. It's just about studying the right thing I guess and I'm glad that it feels as right as it does. I honestly can't imagine anything I'd rather be studying right now which is funny as this wasn't my first choice at all but I'm SO happy this is what I ended up choosing. I almost got sad when our class on Christianity was finishing because I realized there still was so much I didn't know. I'm sure I'll feel even more so about Islam and it will most likely be the same when we study Hinduism and Buddhism, there's just so much we can learn! The more i learn the more I want to learn. Knowing myself though, I might have to get back to you on the subject in about six months to see if I really feel the same way then.
I don't have a lot of lectures in this class. This past week I've only had two lectures which means we have more independent study. My self disciplin isn't that great on the best of days so this is good practice for me to be able to become Maggis 2.0 in the future. I must say, and I know you'll be happy to hear mum, that since I started school I haven't been watching as many series or films as back home, probably because I have a lot more free time and I'm not as tired as I used to be getting home from work. Youtube is still tempting me daily though. I blame you Jimmy Fallon!
This weekend (it's Saturday evening right now so when I say "this weekend" I mean tomorrow) I'm going to sit down and set some new goals for the next three months. I'm a big believer of goals and deadlines! I made a really good and extensive list of goals around new years but lately I've realized that I need to set goals for shorter time periods. Not just the yearly goals but quarterly ones which probably and hopefully will help me set more realistic goals (seriously, what made me ever think that setting a goal of being able to do 20 proper push ups ever was a good idea? I can do 3 on a good day...) and then also make a monthly action plan to achieve them. 
This is what I look like when knowledge and inspiration is being poured into my brain. Or when I'm being happily abducted by aliens, because honestly, who doesn't want to see the interior design of a UFO? 
Photo by Emelie! She took some pictures of me when she came to visit. Might show some of the others another time.
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#1 - - Melanie Strömberg:

Keep up the good work, gorgeous UFO-gazing Maggis! XO

#2 - - Johanna :

Grym blogg post, håller med dig om mål. Ska sätta mig idag och komma på nya mål. Vore kul att höra några av dina! Kram

Svar: Tack! Jag tänker att jag skriver upp dem här och så får du dela med dig av dina på något sätt också så vi kan peppa varandra!

#3 - - Emelie:

Bästaste bästa!