Jättegärna kräfthjärna! (Craw fish brain)

Sometimes in life you've got to ask the hard questions. You just have to take a moment to stop and think about what you are doing and see the details in life. Otherwise everything goes on and we keep on doing things only out of motion and habit without really questioning or taking time to look around us. Today, at the dinner table, we decided to take a moment to notice the details. To learn something new and to question what we might have thought of before but brushed off as insignificant. Today we decided to ignore social codes and guidelines and ask the insignificant yet important question-
do craw fish have brains? 
But do they REALLY??
I decided to find out.  It was disgusting. Mostly because craw fish in general creep me out with their eyes and whiskers thingies and then crushing the shell, touching everything. It's was so nasty I kept getting shivers down my spine. Despite of this my curiosity was greater than my disgust so through the process of elimination while dissecting several craw fish (you can't make a scientific conclusion on only one subject, obviously) I came to the conclusion that the black mushy thing in the head region was the brain. After some discussion about wether they have brains, if they need a brain if they don't have blood or if they even have a heart we googled and had a short lesson on craw fish anatomy!  And yes, craw fish have brains, hearts, nerve systemes and blood circulation! So now you know. Now we all know!
Then we decided to eat the brains. Well, I challenged Michelle to do it after trying to make her lick the gross grey insides (we were trying to find the heart- no luck) but instead we decided to both eat a brain each. Cissi grabbed my camera to document it. It's not pretty.
And it most certainly wasn't pleasant.
Eating chocolate afterwards was a good idea though!
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