The blog of my life. A third of it at least.

Since restarting the blog again a few weeks ago I've been looking through some of the old posts and been half shocked. Deary me. The things one can find on here! It's like a mini film about my life. From only my perspective with only things written about me or things that interest me and with a million pictures of me. Sounds like a super exciting film doesn't it?! If you answer yes to that question you are most likely a creeper (if you didn't already know you were one- well, now you do) who wants to kidnap me and cut me in tiny pieces because NO is the correct answer- it would not be an exciting film, it would be extremely onesided and boring.
It's almost a bit disturbing when I think about all that I've written here, some of it pretty personal. It's a good thing I'm a very open person in real life as well and would tell you everything anyway if you asked. I'm also trying to convince myself that it has helped keep up my interest in writing, photography, webb-design and so on. How true that statement really is we we will never know.

December 2007, 15 years old and taking very flattering pictures of myself....(click on the picture to enlarge my beautiful face)
I started as a hormonal 15 year old with a lot of feelings and thoughts. Which I obviously still have a lot of (hormons included) as I am not a robot but I do like to think that I am a slightly less dramatic and easily offended at 22. It followed me through my little emo periods, times when I've been hopelessly in love, happy, when I felt like no one understood me, real excitement and a lot of normal every day thoughts about mundane things. The blog is mostly just filled with long posts about insignificant and rather uninteresting things. I'm pretty good at things like that. I have a lot to say about everything and can write an essay about nothing in particular. Ordbajsa as we say in Sweden- "Word pooping" One of my many useful talents.
December 2010.... 
The blog has followed me through the past seven years with a couple of years of silence in between. The design of the blog has changed almost just as much as I have (and it would be changing even more right now if I still remembered how to do it).
Even the main focus, direction, of the blog has changed from time to time. I had a period when I tried real hard to turn it into a fashion blog. Not much to say about that, I just don't know much about style or fashion. It include a lot of pictures of me wearing clothes and making different but equally awkward poses. 
I've also had periods where it became more of an amateur photo blog, oh and do you remember my brief attempt to become a Vlogger?! Goodness me. All filmed with my phone and edited poorly in windows moviemaker. Let's just say those videos are best hidden where they are! I was pretty proud of them at the time though.
Many times I've also wanted to make it more of a politcal and thought-provoking blog but I usually erase that thought before I make anything of it. The time, effort and need for correct information is just not worth the bother. I have to do enough of that in school.
 December 2011
All in all, this forum has followed me through all stages of life and now it's come with me to Stockholm. Wouldn't feel right otherwise. This is my little online journal without a real need for a label. I just put up whatever I feel like in the moment. The one consistent thing about it is that I am the one who updates it. So here it is, open for every friend, relative, creeper out there to read and follow. I still get worried that it's the narsisistic and attention seeking part of my personality that keeps me coming back here and wanting to make sure no one forgets about me. Either way, here it is- vague, half serious, half ironic and very, very much about just me. You're welcome. ;)
To those of you who have followed me through all these years (ni vet vilka ni är damer), I apologize for some of the things you've witnessed here! Thank you for caring and encouraging my weird need of sharing my thoughts! Much love to you.
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