Wearing fancy pants (American ones NOT English ones) (though I am wearing those too, honest)

This morning I put my fancy pants on (pants as in trousers, I would never use this word for anything but underwear normally- my mother would be shocked, way too Amercian!- but I just wanted to use the saying fancy pants), a nice professional looking blouse, put my hair up in an as neat looking pony tail as possible with my hair, did my make up and went to have a job interview. It goes without saying of course that the whole outfit was coordinated, tried on and laid out on a chair last night. As any normal person who is not an animal does.
The interview went really well so I probably wont get the job. Last time I had a job interview I felt like it went horribly and then I got the job, I'm not the greatest judge of these things. I have another interview at another place on Saturday. I've realized that for once in my life I have more time on my hands then I want so it's just an extra job to fill out when I'm not studying. Plus the money wont hurt, especially since I've started celebrating everything! It's a nice and positive thing really but not financially sustainable sadly.
You see, I celebrated moving to Stockholm by buying new shoes and a new scarf. I celebrated that I went out for a run with buying chocolate, it was dark chocolate though which I don't like as much and therefor eat less of so it was a compromise and barely counts. I then celebrated finishing my first course by going to the Sci-Fi book store and buying books. I celebrated passing my exam by going out to eat with some friends.
Most recently (today) I celebrated getting a job interview by buying a new dress. It's gorgeous so I honestly didn't have much of a choice as it was tempting me and calling my name. Plus that it was on sale and it's thick and warm so I know Mommo would approve of it  (I apparently have this weird need to please people and get their approval) as she always reminds us of the importance of wearing warm clothes. Something about it being easier for girls to get urinal infections so we have to buy jackets that go down to our knees. OH and it has pockets! The dress, that is, not the jacket, even though my jacket also has pockets. I hate when dresses don't have pockets! Or skirts. Or trousers. Like the fancy pants-TROUSERS. Things in general without pockets and places to put things are just unpleasant. No one wants to walk around holding things all the time or having to have a bag or purse with them everywhere. Yes, I tend to have a backpack with me all the time anyway just so I have somewhere to put the book I always carry around. I have a policy not to go anywhere without having at least one book with me so I have it in case things get boring, I have extra time or I just get tired of socializing with people. It can be rather exhausting after a while, talking to people. A lot of the time I'd prefer just sitting quietly in a corner reading but I also do like talking to people. Most of the time.
So yeah... exactly. That's how it is! Ehm, yeah, I'm certain whatever point I was trying to make came out loud and clear even though I, at this moment of time, can't remember what it was exactly. But, yeah. You know. Power to the people!
Or something.
Post interview celebration (see bag) and my fancy pants (TROUSERS).
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