Back in J-town to get me some bettskena

Tonight I'm back home in Jönköping. I can't believe it's only been a week and half since I moved to Stockholm, it feels it's been at least a month. At least! It might just be because I've turned into such a mama's girl. Though I must say it feels strange not to have Cissi here! Strange how you can get used to things after such a small period of time.
Tomorrow a visit to the dentist awaits! Or rather the jaw doctor to get my night brace thingy to keep my jaw in place at night because my jaw locks. Something about the thingy that is attached to the thingy that's attached to the jaw bone and that it doesn't stay in it's socket. Weird stuff that doesn't really hurt, it's just uncomfortable and annoying. Last autumn is when it happened for the first time when I was lying on my stomach in bed, reading and resting my jaw on pillow and therefore putting a lot of pressure on it. Then it happened a couple of more times and since spring it has happened quite regularly. Almost daily now a days. Most of the time it doesn't stay like "locked" for more than a few minutes at a time but now and again it stays for several hours, twice it's happened were it's been locked all day. With locked I mean I can't open my mouth more than 2 centimeters = I can barely eat. So night braces (or whatever it's called) it is! Woop woop :(
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