September 1st

Both Cissi and I started uni at 13.00 today so we (Cissi) made pancakes and just had a nice, easy start to this rainy and cold day. Had a short but very interesting seminar at school where we all got to introduce ourselves and why we were interested in religious studies and what has impacted us to become interested. The most cool thing was to hear how many different views and backgrounds there were among us. We were probably 15 people in our group and there were probably up to 7 different religious views represented and obviously 15 different views on religion and 15 different opinions and ways of living life. I am so excited for this first year of religion (journalism in year two and three) to just learn to see why and how people believe and see things. There are so many different perspectives of life and it's so important to learn to see from more than just your own view. Excited!
My weak attempt of trying to make the fruit look pinterest worthy this morning. Heeeh. Not my talent.
This has become a daily routine now. Taking at least one long walk with the dogs and just talking. Well, we talk all the time anyways but still, it's nice. Even when it's cold and Cissi has to wear two thick jumpers and a jacket to stay warm. I didn't need as many layers because I kept dancing. One of those days today!
And then my heart just grew a bit while skyping these pretty boys and their gorgeous mother, also known as my sister. Sadly (even though I guess it's a good thing) Josef has grown too clever and learned to say my name properly with the M at the beginning. So no more "AAAAAAGGGIIIIIIISSS" whenever he sees me! Oh well. Cuties.
Now on to some school work because I'm responsible and grown up nowadays. On top of that I decided no to be a procrastinator anymore. About ten minutes ago. So... I guess I better get started.
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