September 2016

There's just something about the beginning of autumn that gets me wanting to reopen my blog. Though saying that- this isn't me starting to blog again really, it's just me having felt the urge to write for a while now and finally giving in to it (it may or may not also have something to do with me not wanting to study for my exam on Wednesday).
This month has been absolutely crazy intense. In the best way! With a bachelorette party, two weddings, a visit to Copenhagen, a visit to Gothenburg, school work, baby sitting, work and a lot of meetings planning for other events it's been a full month to say the least. But oh so wonderful! This weekend was the craziest of all but also the greatest by far. Seeing my close friend of 10 years get married to her best friend was undescribable! The huuuuuge smiles on their faces, all the people there to celebrate this great happening, a true love feast! 
So today I woke up physically and mentally exhausted- probably partly because of the weird spider dream I had. It's a small miracle I got myself to shool! I got home again around noon and I decided I needed (needed/couldn't even think the thought of doing anything productive) to recuperate myself so I could get back some energy. A three hour nap, a ugly dance party in the living room, a long warm shower with some singing (I don't know how to shower without singing), a bag of crisps, watermelon, a few episodes of White Collar, the cosiest PJ's I own (my grandmothers bright turquoise track suit from the eighties that is five sizes too big) and here I sit on the sofa ready for this coming week! Alone time, food, sleep, music and ugly dancing usually does the trick! Cleaning and studying can wait til morning.
Now I'm going to go lie down in my bed (it's getting dark outside so it feels ok even though it's seven o'clock) with a bowl of grapes and my computer. Tomorrow reality awaits!
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