Let your life be a prelude to the festivals of eternity

I can't post about last week without writing about my grandmother. Wednesday last week my Finnish grandmother was buried back home in Jönköping. It was strange waking up Wednesday morning knowing they had already had the ceremony. She died in her sleep just a few days before I left for the states. As if by grand design I happened to be home for a few days to visit my parents and went to see her the evening before she passed not knowing the importance of that casual visit. Although it was unexpected her passing was peaceful and  the day was peaceful and full of love. We gathered as a family, feeling a stronger love and gratitude for eachother, the life she had lived and the lives she had made possible for us. I got to say my goodbyes then and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to be home with my family to say goodbye to my mommo even though I missed her burial. 

Mommo was and is one of the greatest examples I have of a strong fearless woman. She worked hard all of her life for her own sake but especially for her family. She inprinted on us the importance of education, hard work to get what we want and to not let people stand in our way but especially not to take anything for granted. To always remember the important things. She was firm but generous. Strong but caring. A boss lady indeed. 
When she heard about me travelling to the states this summer she thought it was a great idea, a fun adventure to enjoy. She encouraged me to keep a journal of my travels, to write everything down so I would remember these times for the rest of my life. So I could take the lessons I learn with me. Something I wish to do with all she has taught me.
Now she is free from pain and suffering and although the thought of her not being there when I go home is heart wrenching I firmly believe I will see her again. And until then I will be a part of her legacy, this beautiful legacy that she has created. The life I'm living is to a great extent possible because of choices she made and at times the incredibly hard life that she survived. I am because she never gave up. Because she never looked back but always forward. Until our reunion she sits in my back bone reminding me to stand tall, and in my heart telling me to take courage. 
Tills vi möts igen, mommo <3 
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