Pittsburgh, wonder woman and the Y.

Here a some pictures from this past week:
I went to Pittsburgh with my roommate Anna on Monday. We went shopping, ate at a meatball place and went up the Duqesne Incline (not sure how to pronounce that but it was a cable car thing that went up a hill). Pittsburgh is a cool city with a crazy amount of bridges (it's supposedly called the City of bridges) and the main part of the city feels/looks pretty small. The really cool part is that the rest of the city is surrounded by a ton of trees and greenery so it almost looks like it's this big city in a forrest. I'll definitely be back often!
Anna and I went to see Wonder Woman last night, I really enjoyed it! The best super hero movie I've seen in a while. Also just yay for a super hero movie with a woman as the main character!!
Selfie from the backdoor steps. Wearing make up and my hair down is not a look I rock on a daily bases due to heat (hair up at all times) and mostly hanging with children so this must be from Sunday when I had the day off and spent most of my time indoors enjoying not being sweaty. 
This is "the diamond". The center of Ligonier which is somewhat shaped like a diamond and kind of works as a round about. It has this old town feeling to it but is very well kept and clean. It's a small cute town where not a lot of things seem to happen. Though I did hear a rumour that every Sunday evening there's a small orchestra that plays in the towns gasebo. All that kind of makes it feel a bit as one would imagine Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls but obviously not as cool. I live about a five/ten minute walk to the town center and we walk past here almost everyday as I and the children go to the park or the library. 
So Ligonier is a really small town but it has a few different places one should visit/see when here. Last week I went to "Ligonier Fort" with the kids, I didn't really have the opportunity/time to read the different signs or the brochures but we saw and played in some old timber houses that were reconstructions from a war. Which war or what it was about I know not, I'll have to go back by myself. Yesterday we went to "Ligonier beach" and had a great time. And with beach they mean a pool (as in singular) with cold fresh water in it and a seperate sand box beside it. But hey, it's a five minute drive so it's great!

I also signed myself up at the YMCA (the Y) here, they have a nice gym, fitness classes and a swimming pool so I feel like I'm getting pretty settled in. Next on my list is "The Creamery" which is in the middle of town (by the diamond) and everyone recommends their ice cream. I was planning on going tonight but it's been pouring on and off all day (and when it pours here it ABSOLUTELY POURS) with thunder and a rough wind so I'll most likely be staying in this evening. But let the record state that it is also slightly less warm outside and I am wearing long legged trousers and yes it feels amazing. 
Woahm this got longer than expected but hey. Here it is.
LOVE peeps.
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